About Me

Hi! I’m Jess Amy, a freelance writer, editor and occasionally social media manager. I don’t have a “specialism” beyond that I love people, their stories, what makes them tick and what drives them.

Subjects I’ve written about include employability skills and workplace matters, travel, LGBTQ+ issues, feminist literature, gender politics, and arts and culture.

I’ve also twice won prizes for short fiction (for my stories The Wedding Gift and Reboot) and I might even finish my novel someday!

I started my PhD with the University of Winchester in spring 2019. My research focuses on the intersection of contemporary women’s writing and the anti-sexual violence movement sparked by #MeToo.

I also have a BA in Creative Writing from Winchester, an MSc in Creative Writing (Fiction) from the University of Edinburgh, and a certificate in Professional Freelance Journalism from the British College of Journalism.

Pro tip: lure me away from my desk with coffee and a promise of a fascinating story.